Career Opportunity – CAO

Town of Stratford Chief Administrative Officer

Full Job Description

Position: Chief Administrative Officer

Responsible to: Stratford Town Council
Salary Range: Competitive
Established: October 1994
Description Last Revised: January 2019

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Job Summary

The Chief Administrative Officer is an executive position involving the direction and supervision of a range of municipal services and activities, directing business affairs, advising and assisting Town Council and various Committees in policy and directive formulation and execution; to ensure the efficient and effective operation of the Town of Stratford and the successful delivery of the Town’s Vision.

Major Responsibilities

  • To provide strategic advice and assistance in policy formulation to Council and Committees, as well as, ensure the delivery of policies and directives as decided by Council;
  • To act as the Administrative Executive Officer for the Town with responsibility for the overall daily administration of the Town, including program development, implementation, and evaluation;
  • To oversee the development and implementation of strategic performance management and accountability systems ensuring staff are aligned with the Town’s vision, as well as, measure and report on progress towards the desired outcomes;
  • To oversee the development and implementation of engagement systems and processes ensuring Council is informed of important issues as described by residents and stakeholders;
  • To oversee the establishment and maintenance of the Town’s financial, statistical, and other information systems;
  • To oversee the preparation of annual budgets and monitoring of Town expenditures;
  • To oversee the Human Resource functions of the Town including the selection, direction, and supervision of Town employees, as well as, the implementation of policies and programs to create a motivated and happy workforce;
  • To oversee the scheduling and recording of Council and Committee meetings and attend meetings as required;
  • To oversee local government elections; and
  • To ensure good relations with other levels of government, other municipal governments, residents, stakeholders and service providers, to act as media spokesperson when requested to do so by the Mayor and to negotiate contracts on behalf of the Town.

Know How

  • Extensive knowledge of the principles and practices of municipal finance and administration typically acquired through a degree in Business or Public Administration or a related field of study; and minimum of five years of administrative management experience within a progressive and growing environment;
  • National Advanced Certificate in Local Authority Administration, or certificate program in municipal administration;
  • Demonstrated charismatic leadership experience promoting teamwork, and mentoring and motivating employees to achieve business objectives and create a positive environment;
  • Leadership experience in strategic planning and change management, budget and finance, policy development, and business operations;
  • Skilled in computerized information systems, including financial packages;
  • Demonstrated initiative; sound judgement and business acumen;
  • Superior interpersonal and communication skills; and
  • A passion for excellence in sustainability and public engagement.

Working Relationships

  • Advises, assists, and reports to the Stratford Town Council;
  • Directs and supervises the work of staff and consultants;
  • Liaises with Committee members, government, stakeholders, partners, media, and community organizations; and
  • Engages residents and other members of the public.

Problem Solving

  • The ability to develop and evaluate engagement strategies for effectiveness and efficiency;
  • The ability to identify key issues and evaluate options in complex situations;
  • The ability to resolve conflicts among staff, residents and other stakeholders; and
  • The ability to apply judgement to determine what issues need to be escalated.


  • Accountable to Town Council for performance, to Town staff for leadership, to municipal and government officials for collaboration, to residents, local business owners, community organizations, and stakeholders for the management and delivery of the Town’s Vision.

Working Conditions

  • Physical Effort – work involves sitting for extended periods at a workstation and travelling to meetings off-site.
  • Physical Environment – works in an office environment, usually independently, and occasionally to off-site meeting locations, Town functions, and events.
  • Sensory Attention – work requires computer screen time, attention to detail, frequent interruptions, and significant interactions with government officials, stakeholders, staff and members of the public.
  • Mental Stress – work will involve the responsibility of high-level management, meeting deadlines, attending meetings and events after normal working hours, and occasional unpleasant interactions with staff, stakeholders, and members of the public.

To apply for the Town of Stratford CAO position, go to the posting on Indeed here and submit your resume and cover letter.