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Business Development Officer

Trempoly Inc.



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Business Development Officer

Charlottetown, PEI

Executive Director


$40,000 – $55,000


The Business Development Officer (BDO) is a member of the management staff and is responsible for providing exceptional client service, including knowledge of the programs, services, education, and training offered by Tremploy. The BDO will be responsible for the continued growth and changing needs of Tremploy Inc. and will successfully build and foster new and current relationships. In addition, the BDO will establish long-range objectives and determine the appropriate strategies and actions to achieve them.

The BDO will manage a network of clients, work, and customers to balance all three and collaboratively lead the team to ensure stakeholders’ needs and expectations are achieved. This position supports an integrated program for clients with physical, emotional, or intellectual challenges or visual, hearing or speech impairments. The BDO is responsible for the research, development of client intake, and securing vocational contracts that support the education, development, training, and implementation of programming to meet each client’s daily on- and off-site education needs.

The BDO will manage job performance and productivity. Additionally, this position is responsible for preparing and monitoring contract budgets, material/supply costs, and the overall success of the contracts. The BDO will collaborate with all staff and provide management and administrative duties to ensure vocational contract procurement and delivery.

Tremploy Inc. will be relocating to a newly established facility in 2023. The BDO will be an integral component in shaping how this space will be developed, managed, and utilized while maintaining a healthy and safe work environment.

The Business Development Officer is responsible to the Executive Director, or designate, for performance, levels of responsibility, and authority limits.



  1. Establish long-range objectives and specify the strategies and actions to achieve them
  2. Secure contracts and projects to meet the educational and training needs of vocational clients
  3. Develop material costs and contract budgets in collaboration with the Business Manager
  4. Operate within the approved budget
  5. Sign and approve purchase orders for the vocational unit
  6. Discuss any staffing needs, concerns, and operational changes with the supervisor and submit for approval by the Executive Director or designate as they arise
  7. Monitor on- and off-site activities, ensuring staff and clients are qualified and trained to accomplish the terms and conditions of each contract
  8. Collaborate with supervisors and staff to maintain high contract and project productivity, quality controls, and delivery schedules
  9. Provide information to supervisors, co-workers, and team members by telephone, in written form, e-mail, or in-person
  10. Provide guidance and direction, including setting performance standards and monitoring performance
  11. Assist staff with vocational contract production
  12. Develop specific goals and plans to prioritize, organize, and accomplish tasks
  13. Develop assistive devices that may be required for individual contracts, and train staff and clients on the safe use of equipment and materials
  14. Maintain strict confidentiality regarding Tremploy Inc., contracts, clients, families, and staff
  15. Attend supervisor/management and all staff meetings
  16. Communicate with people outside the organization and represent the organization to customers, the public, government, and other external sources
  17. Develop and maintain constructive and cooperative long-term working relationships with others
  18. Act as relief for one-on-one staff
  19. Collaborate and assist the supervisor with quarterly and annual reviews/evaluations of staff performance, planning, productivity, and job (quality controls) performance
  20. Report all incident/accident reports to the Executive Director by OHS regulations and within the same business day
  21. Participate in vocational client ISP review and evaluation meetings, as required
  22. Provide monthly development officer, and contract statistical summary reports to the Executive Director
  23. Provide semi-annual review assessments of job-ready clients
  24. Ensure a safe and secure working environment (on and off-site) for the clients to complete contract work
  25. Participate in professional development as required
  26. Encourage and build mutual trust, respect, and cooperation among team members
  27. Coordinate and collaborate with the supervisor on the activities and assignment of students and volunteer placements
  28. Provide consultation to staff on transitioning clients’ needs and support based on their assessments
  29. Monitor the documentation of each client’s activities, progress, stipends, and contract participation
  30. Manage the modification of activities, equipment, and facilities for special needs (i.e., accessibility, visual, hearing) clients
  31. Manage the change of the client’s program to meet the goals established by the client’s development team (Tremploy staff, doctor, speech pathologist OT, parents, physiotherapist, and other members of the group as required)
  32. Maintain and develop business relationships
  33. Collaborate with the supervisor to conduct staff meetings to discuss vocational programming and progress reports
  34. Interact with clients in groups and one on one to foster social and job skills
  35. Manage and work with staff to provide high-quality programming, education, and training that is fun and includes developmental activities in a caring and nurturing environment
  36. Organize, facilitate, and implement new work enclaves: train clients, arrange appropriate transportation if required, track hours for pay stipends, collaborate with the Business Manager with budgets, as needed, for approval by the Executive Director
  37. Prepare financial documents, reports, and budgets
  38. Coordinate logistics and/or other business operations
  39. Confer with organizational members to accomplish work activities


  1. Develop an orientation package for new families and clients in collaboration with the supervisor
  2. Develop the initial assessment and intake process, and establish a baseline of abilities and skills for each new client
  3. Develop strategic and operational plans to identify clients in the elementary, junior high, and high school system
  4. Facilitate transition team meetings with schools, TAs and EAs and families
  5. Liaise with community organizations, school boards, and TAs and EAs
  6. Liaise with EAs and TAs and assist with their transitional assessment and proposed client placement(s)
  7. Communicate clearly, all information about the clients and staff positively and professionally
  8. To keep minutes/notes on meetings with staff, potential clients, and families
  9. Collaborate with the supervisor for student transition process and visits
  10. Coordinate school student assessments with the supervisor
  11. Track and follow up on potential students in or out of the school system
  12. Meet and assist clients and families with the application process
  13. Review and discuss the client’s application and all information concerning the potential clients with the appropriate supervisor
  14. Review the client’s application with the Executive Director
  15. Plan for intake and placement of new clients based on developmental assessment, education, and training needs.
  16. Work cooperatively with the supervisor to strategically plan, communicate effectively, and set goals, measurable objectives, timetables, and action plans for each client’s educational, training and programming needs over the next 12 months
  17. Develop and promote plans to increase the number of qualified clients for job-ready training and placement

This job description is subject to additions, deletions, and other changes that may arise out of program refinement, organization structure, and client needs and may change without prior notice.


  • Bachelor’s degree or diploma in a related field or a combination of education and work experience
  • Five year’s work experience in related areas
  • Retail management experience would be an asset
  • Non-profit experience would be an asset
  • Team-minded with a strong social concern
  • Interpersonal communications skills, both written and spoken
  • Relationship and network-building skills
  • Understanding and managing skills for business development and sales pipeline
  • Experience with writing reports and proposals
  • Excellent computer skills, including familiarity with Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace
  • Satisfactory criminal record check to work with vulnerable populations
  • Must currently be able to work in Canada

If this position interests you, please apply. If you have questions, email Jacqui at jacqui@resolveHR.ca with the subject line “Tremploy-BDO”.

Application deadline: Wednesday, June 29, 2022
Applications will be received online only. Drop-ins and phone calls will not be accepted.

As an employer who values diversity in its workforce, we encourage all interested candidates to apply. We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.