Recruitment with resolveHR

How resolveHR can assist you

We frequently get asked if we are recruiters. As with most services resolveHR provides, we do not offer cookie-cutter solutions.

Instead, resolveHR offers a different kind of recruiting service. We assist clients in hiring as opposed to recruiting for a client. Our process is highly transparent and supportive. Our service fee is hourly-based instead of commission, so we can provide as much or as little assistance as the client chooses. Above all, our client is always in control.

resolveHR’s services can include the following:

    • assist with planning what an organization needs (i.e., does the employer still need that door-to-door encyclopedia salesperson?)

    • develop the job description and job ad

    • post job ad online with or without assessments

    • receive and sort applications

    • file applications in a shared folder with our client (Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive)

    • shortlist candidates

    • draft interview questions

    • set up interviews and logistics

    • orient/train client’s interviewers or interview panel

    • manage potential biases objectively

    • participate in the interview panel

    • perform employment reference checks

    • correspond with candidates and interviewers in follow-ups

    • draft employment offers and agreements

    • contact rejected candidates

There are many differences between what resolveHR offers and what conventional recruiters offer. If you are interested in having a partner that supports you in the process, get in touch with our dedicated recruiter Jacqui Janes and she will let you know the differences so that you can make an informed decision.

What we are recruiting for now!

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Talent Sorter™ is resolveHR’s preferred candidate receiving platform. Always seeking the right “fit” for employers.

Please note that unsolicited resumes are not accepted.