How resolveHR can assist you

resolveHR’s Unique Approach to Hiring Support

One common question we often encounter is whether we function as traditional recruiters. Much like our holistic suite of services at resolveHR, we steer clear of one-size-fits-all solutions.

Rather than conforming to the standard recruitment model, resolveHR presents an innovative hiring support paradigm. Our focus lies in aiding clients throughout the hiring journey, rather than undertaking the hiring process on their behalf. Our methodology is built on transparency and unwavering support. Moreover, our compensation structure is rooted in hourly rates rather than commissions, allowing us to tailor our involvement precisely to the client’s preferences. At its core, our clientele remains firmly in the driver’s seat. 

resolveHR’s offers a wide array of services, including:


  • Job Description and Advertisement: Crafting compelling job descriptions and advertisements
  • Online Job Posting: Disseminating job ads online, optionally coupled with assessments
  • Creating Social Media Ads: Promote your latest job ads across multiple social media platforms 
  • Application Management: Efficiently receiving, categorizing, and storing applications in a shared folder accessible to our clients
  • Candidate Shortlisting: Identifying and presenting a curated list of potential candidates
  • Interview Preparation: Formulate pertinent interview questions
  • Interview Logistics: Coordinating and managing interview schedules and logistics
  • Interviewer Training: Providing orientation and training for client interviewers or panels
  • Bias Mitigation: Ensuring impartiality by objectively addressing potential biases
  • Interview Participation: Collaborating as part of the interview panel
  • Reference Checks: Thoroughly conducting employment reference checks
  • Follow-Up Coordination: Facilitating correspondence between candidates and interviewers
  • Offer and Agreement Crafting: Drafting comprehensive employment offers and agreements
  • Candidate Communication: Handling communication with unsuccessful candidates 

The distinctions between resolveHR and traditional recruitment practices are abundant. Should you seek a collaborative partner who guides you through the hiring journey, we invite you to connect with our dedicated recruiter, Jacqui Janes. She stands ready to elucidate the divergences and empower you with insights, enabling you to make an enlightened decision.

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