HR Mind Trust

Imagine always knowing just what to do… 

At this point in your career, you’ve probably figured out that HR isn’t really about managing people. It’s about managing risk.

Can you think of a time when HR professionals would have more to consider than we do right now? Inclusive hiring practices, accessibility, social media policies, global pandemics… If you weren’t concerned about facing a scenario that you don’t know how to handle properly, I might be worried.

The truth is that we all get thrown into situations that leave us stumped. Even those of us with letters after our names and 20+ years of experience. I’ve reached a point in my career where I want to have as much fun, professionally, as I can. And there’s not much that I love more than answering questions. This is where I hope we can help each other.

Introducing the resolveHR Mind Trust.

I’m looking for a small group of HR professionals to join a safe space where you’ll have the opportunity to…

  • Ask the questions you don’t want to bring to your employer
  • Benefit from the experiences of others
  • Gain more understanding around risk mitigation
  • Discuss boundaries
  • Learn how to be a good business partner

And in return, we’ll solution the heck out of situations, I get to have fun answering tough HR questions, and we discuss topics that are important to you and others in our industry.

The resolveHR Mind Trust isn’t really training. It’s more like a group coaching program for people like you who are working in HR without a safety net. 

To make sure you’re supported all along the way, you’ll also get access to a private Slack Channel. This is where you’ll go to get your most pressing questions answered quickly. You might even start to feel like you’re no longer working in a department of one. 

Here’s how it works.

The resolveHR Mind Trust is open to HR professionals in Atlantic Canada.

We’ll meet (virtually) for two hours each month for six months. We’ll be virtual but hope that some time we can have a session in person as well. It is a rolling enrollment so I’m ready when you are. In addition to the group sessions, you’ll get some one-on-one time with me every month to get into the nitty-gritty one-off situations that land in your lap.


$300 per month for a total investment of $1800. 

If you have a supportive employer, you could ask to use your PD budget for this program. And if you don’t have a supportive employer, you definitely should join our group!

Apply for the program today… or any day, really.