Kick Off the HR New Year

Have you made your New Years resolutions? Me neither. I’m not much of a believer in making a big change when a calendar flips. Mind you, if you are someone who can do this, KUDOS!

A new year is, however, a good time to reflect on your organization’s challenges and successes over the past year and to think about what you would like to start… or stop. For example, I can look back and realize that some of the hours I was working were not especially healthy and I need to figure out how to organize my time better and who else can help me provide great service to my clients.

For you, maybe it is the same – figuring out who can help you be your best self for your customers/clients/members. Do you need additional employees, or can you reorganize the way things have been done?

In the wise words of Marshall Goldsmith, international coach and best-selling author, “What got you here, won’t get you there.” In this climate of constant disruption, there are two factors that remain true – turnover is expensive and employee retention is valuable. If you are looking back at last year, think about which employee(s) has the right attitude, but who may not be reaching their potential. Ask yourself a few questions…

  • “What are their talents, and have they had opportunities to develop those?”
  • “Have I shown a personal interest in them?”
  • “Can I encourage them to be innovative by showing them I trust them?”
  • “Have I asked them, in earnest, what they think of our organization and what could make it even better?”

If you think that you know how your employees’ work should be done, maybe it is time to ask them how they do their work. Also ask them if they think it is the right work to be done. The ideas that you receive from your employees when you take a genuine interest in them can get you beyond where you are, and “get you there”, wherever that “there” might be.

Happy New Year to you all!