Pandemic HR: Work-Isolation Employees Returning to Atlantic Bubble Can Apply for Self-Isolation Exemption

Work isolation is similar to self-isolation except that you can go to work provided you maintain physical distancing from others, wear a non-medical mask, practice hand hygiene, and monitor for symptoms. Similar to self-isolation, you cannot attend public events, go to the grocery store or other retail outlets, and must arrange no-contact delivery of food, medication and other essentials. When at home, you must follow the self-isolation guidance.

Source: PEI Government Website

So, what does that mean? If you have an employee who was outside the Atlantic Bubble — PEI, NS, NB, NL — they can apply online to receive a partial exemption to the self-isolation practice. If approved, the employee will be able to return to work providing they social distance, wear proper PPE, etc. Everything other than going to work, however, will still be subject to self-isolation guidelines. Until this change, people (except ‘essential workers’) entering the Atlantic Bubble had to self-isolate from everything, including work, for 14 days.

This change is a great advantage for both employees and employers… providing we stay vigilant in following the safety guidelines.