Positive Outlook

“I love my work.”

I tell people this all the time. Sometimes I have people look at me with a look of resignation, thinking that they will never feel like this and that they have been hard done by and aren’t as lucky as I am.

Well, let me share something with you. I have set my mind to loving what I do. I was miserable in other jobs, but I’m not there anymore. My biggest frustration with past jobs was that I wanted to see changes, and I wanted changes to happen. I didn’t understand what was wrong with me and why I tended to be unhappy in jobs before, but this insight last night from my partner put it into perspective. I couldn’t accept things easily and got frustrated… and I’m sure it showed.

Now, I’ve been working for clients on my own for four years and I’m always telling people I love what I do. And I do, but I still have hard days, weeks, etc., with difficult clients, challenging colleagues, people who want advice that don’t end up liking it, and lost opportunities. But I choose to enjoy what I do and to share that positivity.

I was out the other evening and saw a good friend’s face when I told the group we were in that I love what I do. She looked woe-be-gone… or jealous… not sure. But I could see she was comparing her situation where she is unhappy, to my smiling and genuine testament that I am happy in my work.