Wanted: Your biggest, baddest HR nightmare.

I get true joy from coming into an organization, listening to all sides of a dramatic story, assessing the situation, being a calming influence, and then hearing the magical words, “I feel so much better!” 

When you’re dealing with a messy, stressful, or generally unpleasant workplace situation, don’t try to avoid it. That’s incredibly risky. Call me. I’ll come in and either support and guide you through the issue, or if you’d rather just make it go away, I can do that too. (Not in a Godfather kind of way.)


Recruiting talent?

Looking to hire that next executive position? 

resolveHR has trusted professional recruiting partners who actively search for, screen, and assist with selection and hiring. Get in touch with Jacqui or Wendy to find out if this service is the right fit for you!


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