Solving HR Problems

Wendy MacIntyre of resolveHR is a certified Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR formerly CHRP) and has been involved in many small to medium sized enterprises, not-for-profits and start-ups across the Island primarily on a consultant-client basis. Wendy is experienced in conflict management, workplace investigations, training and development, workshop facilitation, policy development, etc. She is a Licensed Practitioner in Insights Discovery®, certified in emotional intelligence assessment and coaching using the EQ-i 2.0 model, and teaches in the New Managers Series’ Conflict Management and Change Management courses at UPEI. Most of all, Wendy loves what she does.

resolveHR focuses on workplace situations including conflict management, appropriate policy and management practices, and governance dynamics. resolveHR offers both proactive and reactive services and has the capacity to put systems in place to ensure you are better equipped to deal with situations as they arise.

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

“I need to hire people, but I don’t know where to start and want to do this right.”

We know we need help, but where do we start? I start by discussing the needs of your business and how those needs can best be met. Maybe you don’t even need to hire a new person but instead can reallocate some duties and reduce redundancies. Or, maybe you have a job description that is ten years old and at the time referred to paper filing or taking shorthand, but doesn’t mention customer service or using a database system. Once we figure those pieces out, then we move on to how to construct a job posting, where to post it, how to screen, shortlist, interview and hire, keeping your unique business needs top of mind. resolveHR assists employers with finding the right people, an approach that is unlike typical recruiters. Instead of charging 10 or 15% of the position’s first year’s salary, I charge as we work collaboratively, with options for taking on as much or as little as you like. You will always know who your candidates are and how to reach them if you wish to continue without me, no strings. resolveHR works specifically with employers for employers, and does not collect resumes randomly, so candidates that apply are always current. Another great advantage with my process is that after we go through the process once, you’ll have the knowledge to proceed without assistance in future.

“My organization has an unforeseen HR problem that needs to be dealt with immediately.”

When an issue comes up with an employee that you’ve never dealt with before, it can be unnerving. I can work with you through the process of examining and weighing the concerns, investigating the circumstances, documenting the necessary information, and determining if training, discipline or termination is appropriate. Every step is taken to ensure efficiency and objectivity. When it is a situation that isn’t part of our regular day to day, we may not be confident that we will do things properly. You can contact resolveHR to ensure the uncommon events are dealt with thoughtfully and thoroughly. To ensure you receive fast access we can also arrange a monthly service agreement which will ensure you take priority when an urgent issue arises.

“My business is doing well but I need this type of advice to make sure I’m doing the best I can.”

As an employer, does it ever feel like your team is fragmented and employees are working in silos?  In a workforce that often focuses on specializations and individual contributions it is easy for teamwork to slip.  Training workshops can bring individuals together to focus on skill development and collaboration.Workshops are a specialty of resolveHR.  Interactive sessions provide valuable information and use tools to apply to the workplace.  Workshops are never canned presentations – each session is customized to your organization.  I meet with you beforehand to ensure that the session aligns with the needs of the organization, and communicate during the development phase.  The delivery is interactive, informative and often speckled with humour.  A one-on-one follow up meeting to answer any questions and discuss outcomes is also offered.  I strive to ensure client satisfaction and shared learning.

“I’ve tried everything but nothing works.  Employee X is bringing down the rest of the staff and he’s got to go!”

From time to time we all find ourselves at the end of our rope. That one employee seems to be the one always pushing your buttons and you don’t have the time or patience to keep working on them. You’ve decided that once you fire them the rest of the team will get back on track. Sometimes this is the most effective way to deal with a situation, but unfortunately acting from frustration usually causes more challenges than it fixes. Before you act, connect with me to objectively review the situation and determine if termination is the right action or if there are other options. Together we can assess the facts, possibly uncover additional facts, then move forward with the best path for the situation and minimize your risks.

“My not-for-profit is full of good people but we are having challenges at the Board table with leveraging our members and our staff.”

There are many HR challenges within non-profit groups: dynamics between staff, directors, volunteers and funders often create challenges. When challenging dynamics manifest without being addressed, relationships become strained and the organization’s work is often impacted. Without clearly communicated roles, expectations and proper systems in place, the workplace, committees and / or Boards can become unproductive and unhealthy.Boards are becoming more aware of their responsibilities and the liabilities that go along with governing an organization, and it isn’t always the fun stuff. Directors need to understand their role just as an employee must understand his or her job. And when it comes to a challenging situation Directors, who got involved to contribute to the community, are often outside their comfort zone. I’ve assisted many not-for-profits with delicate situations and have helped them get back on track.